Lieutenant Commander Jamison Adams

Name Jamison ("Jamie") Adams Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Tue Aug 2nd, 2022 @ 2:42am

Vital Statistics

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Attributes

Height 5'11'
Weight 155 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown (Nearly Black)
Eye Color Gray-Green
Physical Description Lean but that’s more the result of a fast metabolism and a high energy level than any dedicated workout routine. Curly dark brown hair, nearly black, that refuses to be tamed not that he pays particular attention to his hair or his clothes. Clean, presentable. What else matters? He's always working so even when he appears to be sitting still doing nothing, he's working on something.

Personality Profile

General Overview He's easily fascinated, detail-oriented, and like many highly intelligent people, capable of missing some of the more obvious facts of life. He is capable of focusing on a problem to the exclusion of everything around him and can become somewhat obsessive in his pursuit of an answer. He's a rationalist and is skeptical of pseudo-sciences such as gematria and astrology but is fairly open minded in matters of philosophy and faith.

While he has a big heart, he is somewhat wary of individuals and can be naive in his understanding of human behavior though he learns quickly once he applies his mind to the problem.

He's a gentle soul who opposes violence and cannot accept that the first or best answer to a problem is firing a phaser at it. The hardest course he took at the Academy was phaser training; he ended up with a high score, after several abysmal failures, but that's only after he found a quote by Wyatt Earp -- "Fast is fine but accuracy is everything." Still, there's a difference between hitting a target and hitting a person. He accepts the need for stun, in some cases, but that's as far as he's willing to go.

He is self-reliant. People get the mistaken impression that he needs to be taken care of but that's not actually the truth.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Expertise and areas of research involve applied mathematics and computers
+ Skilled in pattern recognition and ciphers/cryptology
+ Open-minded and flexible. Enjoys collaboration as much as working alone (and in fact, has contributed to a number of papers)

- Not always the best with time management. Can definitely get lost in work.
- Not competitive. Does poorly at sports.
- Suffers from bouts of insomnia, usually brought on by stress, that results in difficulty falling asleep and/or waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to get back to sleep
- The time he spends working tends to interfere with relationships (and to an extent, you’d have to throw yourself naked in front of him before he’d realize you were interested).
- Failures, especially ones where someone gets hurt, will cause him to retreat. When that happens, he'll disappear into his work while he sorts it all through.
- Day to day stuff often escapes him. He’ll work around the clock on an equation but completely forget about buying groceries, arranging for needed repairs, getting a haircut. That sort of thing.
- Why is often his first question – especially when it comes to dealing with military bureaucracy and the intricacies of the mind. Not so much a challenge though as a need to understand.

+ Baths. The worst part about being on a starship is the lack of a decent bath. He does a lot of thinking in bathtubs.
+ Good food. He's no cook but loves good food, a bottle of wine, and time spent in front of a fire with friends
+ His personal holoprogram (entirely white room where whatever is written on the walls is automatically saved to his private files). He works on mathematical equations there. In the center of the room is a round, white platform. There's an embroidered pillow, done in blues and purples, and a table high enough to use while seated on the pillow. Furnishings were designed by a friend of his; food and drink are automatically provided by the program depending on the time of day (also his friend’s idea because Henry forgets).
+ Holo-Programming ... will do requests but has been working on a series of horror adventures and mysteries that have been well received. Also does testing for friends and sometimes invites others along to help

- Coffee (much prefers tea)
- Cooking and housework
Ambitions, Hobbies and Interests Hobbies/Interests

- Working on a second doctorate in Computer Science. Slow process because he gets distracted.
- Hiking.
- Swimming/Diving - has always had a thing for the water. His idea of the perfect home would be beside the ocean or better yet, a houseboat.
- Reading
- Holo-Programming - mystery holo-adventures especially

Family Record

Spouse None
Children None
Father Charles Henry Adams
Mother Marion Holmes-Adams
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Elizabeth, Claire, Meredith, Jane
Other Family Many and varied

Historical Profile

Personal History 2354: Born in San Francisco Bay Areas of Earth
2369-2375: Attended CalTech (California Institute of Technology), Fast-Tracked Ph.D.
2375-2379: Starfleet Academy, Science Major

Intellectually, Jamie rates on the low-end of the genius scale. Enough that he started needing special tutors when he was four when it came to mathematics and in that area, he excelled. Did everything early though his exceptional math skills were not entirely matched in other areas of study – his writing is terrible, his spelling worse. Then too, there’s the downside of doing everything early. Try attending college at the age of fifteen and be a kid, years younger than anyone else in class. Life seemed to be a series of positives and negatives forming an unbalanced equation; that proved difficult to resolve.

He was never the life of the party but that was fine – the work was what mattered – and he made friends among the professors, among those with similar interests. He wasn’t unhappy. Because there was always math – and when nothing else made sense, that did. He was fifteen when he started at CalTech and twenty when he achieved his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. His plan was to go into research and teaching; he had been offered a professorship.

And then he met the Starfleet recruiter. It wasn’t something he’d ever considered or really known much about but the pitch was a good one – he could be involved in cutting edge research. His skills were needed. Course, that was the year before the war with the Dominion broke out and that of course changed everything.

Service Record 2374-2385: Served eleven years aboard the USS Faraday. Initially as Science Officer but was promoted to Chief Science Officer in 2378. It wasn’t something he had asked for, but he accepted the promotion when it came his way.

2385: USS Faraday lost in combat while he was on Bolerus meeting with some colleagues. He had provided the math for an interesting theory and had been offered a demonstration of the working prototype. Since he never took leave, Captain Reardan was happy to oblige as long as he was back before the ship was due back out on patrol.