Crewman Joanna Colburn

Name Joanna Colburn

Position Security Officer

Rank Crewman


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Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 5:25pm

Vital Statistics

Gender Female
Species Human/Klingon
Age 20

Physical Attributes

Height 5'5
Weight 60kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Joanna has black shoulder length hair and cranial ridges. She has a small frame but dont let that fool you. She is more than capable of looking after herself when the need arise.

Personality Profile

Family Record

Father Jack Colburn, Starfleet Captain, MIA
Mother Dil'av, Daughter of T'ulaw

Historical Profile

Personal History T'ulaw

Joanna, named after her fathers dead mother, was born on the Klingon homeworld in 2364. She was the result of a love affair between her mother and a Starfleet Officer assigned to the Federation Embassy.

Jack was reassigned with short notice and lost contact with Dil'av. When she realised she was with child there was no way to contact the father so Dil'av decided to raise the child alone.

However, once it was discovered that the child wasn't of pure Klingon blood, T'ulaw disowned his daughter and grandchild and cast her out of his house.

This meant Dil'av lost her role in society and was forced to live in the slums outside the first city.

This meant the first years of Joanna's life were very tough. Her mother had to scavenge for food and teach Joanna the basics of reading and writing in both Klingon and Federation Standard as she wanted her daughter to be knowledgeable in both her heritage.

When Joanna was 13, her mother was killed. A friend managed to locate her father and get Joanna to him.

Jack was surprised to learn of Joanna's existence, if he'd had known about her he would have made every effort to be a part of her life and help Joanna and her mother get off the Klingon Homework.

Life in the Federation was different. She had no worries and everything she needed was provided, including education. Although her mother had given her a solid base, there was still much for her to learn.

She studied hard and was accepted into Starfleet academy on her 17th Birthday. A proud moment for her father but one she wished her mother had seen.

Once at the academy, Joanna found it difficult to fit in. Being half Klingon seemed to make her the butt of everyone's jokes causing her to lose her temper on more than once occasion.

Apart from this, she worked hard and well, demonstrating excellent skills in both tactical and engineering sides of her training.

In her fourth year she was assigned to the USS Mira, an old Miranda refit class vessel used for cadets to gain practical training and skills.

During her tour, the Mira was suddenly attacked by the borg, only a handful of the crew managed to get off the ship before she was destroyed.
Service Record 2382-2385 ~ Starfleet Academy ~ Cadet
2385-Present ~ USS Nogura ~ Cadet