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Armageddon: Part Two

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2022 @ 9:12pm by Captain Keziah Nazir

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Location: Bridge, USS Nogura
Timeline: Day 1 at 1325 Hours

Photons. Quantums. Lances of phased energy. Starfleet forces exchanged fire with their cybernetic enemies, explosions all around the hot zone of activity. Four Borg vessels of varying shape and size surrounding the assembled fleet of Admiral Thalek th’Zorati. A brilliant flash of white signalled the arrival of a new ship into the combat zone and thankfully for the Starfleet forces, the emerging ship was one of their own, one most wouldn’t recognise.

“Bring weapons to target bearing! Target the Borg vessel nearest the Adriatic,” Commander Ris declared loudly over the sound of action stations and the voices in the command center of the Nogura. “Helm, keep our dorsal broadside acclimated toward the Cube.”

A woman from nearby looked at the XO from across the room. “Should we launch starfighters, ma’am?”

“What fighters we have,” the XO scoffed as she shook her head. “Have them coordinate with the Adriatic’s squadron. We don’t have enough of our own to be effective,” Kirran nodded as she looked out of the viewscreen and the unfolding battle in front of them. “Helm. Raise the bow ten degrees…” she trailed off as her own tactical training came into play. Her first major engagement in command red. Some baptism of fire. “Aft phaser arrays, fire. Make a perimeter to protect our Valkyries,” she ordered. If she could protect them long enough to meet up with the others, they would be able to make some sort of impact, surely? Alone, as they were, they would be nothing more than a fly buzzing near one's ear.

Lieutenant Durant activated her comm panel and spoke clearly and concisely. “Launch all fighters. Rendezvous with fleet fighters and take your orders from the Adriatic CAG. Repeat, launch all fighters.” She then terminated the comm once again.

Observing the readouts on her own console, and doing quick math in her head, the XO blinked and issued another order. “Our firing solution is too low. Our fighters will have enough trouble getting through as it is. Rotate us 7 degrees to port and clear them a path above the aft torpedo tubes.”

The appropriate officers nodded and she felt the slight roll of the mighty Nogura to one side. In one sense, she was excited. This was the first time they would get to put the ship’s tactical systems to the test against a real enemy. In another sense…. She should have had her commanding officer there to deal with the situation, not a first time XO less than a year into her time in command red.

As she watched the battle unfold, a Petty Officer ran up to her and delivered a note into her hand. The Commander eventually looked down at it and took a minute to read. “Starbase 718, the Bolarus Shipyards and the Fleet Depot near the Delta system have all been destroyed. The starships Excelsior, Phoenix and Pegasus led a resistance of thirty ships near Benzar. Admiral Clancy is dead,” she called out over the din, temporarily silencing everyone. “We’ve got to do all we can to make the sacrifices of our people worth it!” she cried out. “Morin. Have the armory break out the tricobalt warheads. We’ll launch every single weapon at our disposal until these bastards are gone,” she told sternly, utterly resolved to win at all costs.

The ship rocked massively under the barrage of three torpedoes impacting the upper hull of the ship, her shields fluctuating wildly for a few seconds.


Kirran turned, her attention quickly diverted away from her thoughts by the helmsman at the CONN, looking for answers and reasons for his interruption

“Adriatic…” the man spoke, “she’s gone. th’Zorati is dead.”

“Confirmed,” another voice called out. “The fleet is breaking down. We’re receiving orders to pull back,” the voice called out.

Ris lowered her head in disbelief. With the commander of the fleet dead, it was no surprise the Starfleet forces were beginning to fracture. What more could they do?

“We’re receiving an encrypted message from the Enterprise, sir.”

“Put it on.” Kirran said swiftly. One didn’t keep the fleet flagship waiting for long without feeling the wrath of Captain Worf.

Only, when the voice called out, it wasn’t Worf’s. It was far more considered, and calm. “This is Admiral Picard of the Enterprise,” boomed the familiar voice over the comm array. “All fighters are ordered to fall back to the nearest vessel. Fall back to safe positions and heed this order: Survive. Live to see another day. Enterprise out.” It had been given in the concise and simple style; no doubt with a stone face and a voice to match.

In the time they had been distracted by Picard’s message from the Enterprise, Morin had been monitoring the scene of the battle. It did not go well. “Commander, sensors are detecting several additional Borg vessels on approach.”

Ris took a few seconds to formulate a plan, sprinting down to the CONN. “Pull up a map of the area,” she instructed the man at the flight control station. Together, in a quiet conflab, they came up with a plan of action.

“Transfer all weapons power to the engines,” the Commander ordered, “set a course for Deep Space 4, maximum warp,” she ordered. It was time to forget the fleet and focus on surviving, just as she had been ordered.

“Maximum warp, aye ma’am!”

But just as the ship was about to jump to warp, tragedy struck. A rogue torpedo hurtled through the defensive perimeter created by the ship's weapons and slammed into the dorsal hull of the saucer section.

The explosion magnified the visible flash of the warp drive and made it look, to all intents and purposes, like the Nogura had erupted in a ball of flames. In reality, the Excalibur-class starship had somehow managed to complete her warp jump and sped through space at great speed. Alone, and with no one in pursuit, the Commander and her team had done it. They had survived. But their survival came at an alarming cost. The bridge, like much of the ship, was in chaos- lights out, smoke filling the air, explosions from consoles and main power out.

And no signs of life...


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