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The Day of Hell

Posted on Wed Aug 10th, 2022 @ 5:25pm by Crewman Joanna Colburn

Mission: A Celebration Short Lived
Location: USS Mira
Timeline: Day 1 at 0000 Hours


Joanna was thrown out of her bunk and onto the floor with a hard bang. She was groggy after being woken up from a deep sleep.

The 4th Year Cadet was still trying to come to her senses when the ship rocked violently again, throwing her towards her bunk and causing her to smack her eyebrow and splitting the skin.


"All hands, report to battle stations, we're under attack by the Borg!" Came a panicked voice over the comm system.

The word 'Borg' sent a shiver down Colburn's spine. She quickly shrugged off the feeling and pulled herself up off the floor. Joanna wiped the blood from her eye brown on her sleeve before making a quick exit from her cabin.

The corridors where hectic with people running in all directions getting to their departments.

Joanna, who was still in her sleep wear and bare feet, ran in the direction of Engineering. Although she was a Security cadet, everyone on board was rotating round all the departments to give them a better understanding of how each department worked.

The ship violently shook again knocking everyone off their feet. Joanna sprung back to her feet and continued her run towards engineering.

Just as the Cadet reached the doors To main Engineering the ship was hit again, much harder than previously. This chucked everyone into the nearest bulk head before dropping them to the floor. The power went off and the ship went into darkness, a few moments later the dull emergency lighting came on and showed smoke had filled the corridor. The Mira felt lifeless and a drift in space.

Moments later another klaxon could be heard, the evacuation klaxon. The doors to Engineering slid open to reveal injured people hauling themselves along, some helping those who had been badly injured.

Colburn saw the ship's chief engineer emerge with only a cut to his arm. She pushed herself up off the floor again and headed to the Chief. "Sir, do you want me to head to the bridge and help them evacuate?"

The Engineer, a British man by the name of Smith, shook his head. "No, my dear. The bridge has been completely destroyed. The ship is lost. Come with me to the shuttlebay. You look like you need medical attention." He said in his strong British accent.

"I'll be fine, sir." She replied with a nod and small smile.

They began to make their way to the shuttle bay. Screams could be heard over the noise of explosions and consoles shorting.

They finally reached the corridor which had access to the shuttle bay. The group of officers and cadets ran down the corridor. They tried to open the doors but with main power off line they simply wouldn't budge.

Joanna quickly looked around for something to lever the door open with and saw a piece of twisted metal laying on the floor. She picked it up and prised one end into the door and began forcing the door open.

Just as she got the door open enough for a person you slip through, when 3 both materialised at the end of the corridor.

"Come on, sir, get through." Joanna shouted.

Smith shook his head, "You go, i'll follow. That's an order." Smith said looking at the approaching Borg, fear evident on his face.

"No! You go first…"

"Enough, cadet!" Smith said cutting Colburn off. "I've given you a direct order. Now go!"

The fourth year cadet gritted her teeth together in frustration and gave a nod to acknowledge the order. She slipped through the gap and into the shuttle bay.

Moments later the piece of metal which she had wedged the door with was pulled and the doors closed. "No!!!" Screamed Joanna as she realized what the Lieutenant had done. Tears began to stream down her face but she didn't have time to mourn as the Borg began to bang on the door to get through.

She quickly rushed to one of the shuttle craft and sealed herself in. Joanna knew the Borg wouldn't let her just get away so she came up with a plan. She was going to cut all power to the shuttle bar, minimal life support, a small dampening field and enough charge in the phasers for one discharge.

She activated the dampening field before blasting a whole in shuttle bay doors. With main power off line, the forcefield wouldn't come on and everything in the shuttle bay would be sucked out into space. She hoped that the Borg would assume an explosion occurred, read no life signs and not bother investigating.

The force of being sucked into space was much more extreme that Colburn had expected but once clear of the Mira, Joanna had nothing but time now as she waited and hoped for the best.

12 Hours Later

It has been a long 12 hours sitting and waiting but she was ready to power up the shuttle and see if she could get away.

She brought main power on line and numerous alarms went off with damage the shuttle had sustained from being sucked into space. Her main concern was that the warp core was off line meaning she was pretty much stranded. An extended scan of the area showed no active Borg signs and no life signs.

She opened an encrypted emergency comm channel.

"This is Cadet Joanna Colburn, I need help."


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